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We supply various special purpose concrete floor hardeners, liquid floor hardener, Ceramicure, cairan floor hardener, Ferrocon, in Indonesia including Jakarta, Surabaya, Java, Medan, Aceh, Palembang, Lampung, Sumatra, Samarinda, Pontianak, Balikpapan, Kalimantan, Makassar, Sulawesi, Papua and other cities.

These floor hardeners are of high quality with proven track record and produced by ABC Shokai of Japan.

These floor hardeners are suitable for application onto fresh concrete floor and also some can be appliced onto old concrete floor.

Concrete Floor before and after Repair with Floor Hardeners

Below are some of the special purpose floor hardeners :-


Silicate Liquid Floor Hardener JP

 (brochure 242 bytes)

This liquid concrete floor hardener is very suitable for application onto superflat floor as the hardener doesn’t affect the levelness or elevation of concrete floor.

Application is simple – just by spaying onto concrete. Since it is water based hardener, it is non-combustible, non-toxic and no dust problem at application.

After application, the liquid hardener penetrates deeply into both fresh & old concrete floor to react with the calcium to form a hard and dense layer which is up to 3 times more resistant to abrasion than untreated concrete.

Suitable applications for both indoor and outdoor concrete floors of factory, warehouse, supermarket, shop, cargo terminal, distribution center, etc.

2) Liquid Floor Hardener - Ceramicure (brochure 157 kb)

This liquid floor hardener - Ceramicure has duel effects to seal the concrete surface and to increase the concrete strength. 

Concrete surfaces applied with Ceramicure will have glossy look as time goes by. 
Alternatively, the glossy look can be obtained by polishing the concrete surface after application of Ceramicure.

As with all liquid floor hardeners, Ceramicure does not alter the surface color, level or finishes of the concrete floor.


Super Quick Floor Hardener

 (brochure 254 bytes)

4)  Ferrocon Hard C 

 (brochure 154 bytes)

Characteristics      : non-magnetic type floor hardener;
                               doesn’t interfere magnetic field/electromagnetic wave;  
            suitable for AGV (automated guided vehicle) operation;
 > 6 times better abrasion resistant than concrete;
good impact resistant;
not rust.

Material                 : special ceramic aggregates

Colors                   : 7 colors including natural grey

Application            : suitable for both wet concrete & old concrete

                               Both outdoor & indoor applications

Structures             : AGV warehouse, port warehouse, factory near seaside,
 seaside car park, roof floor, food processing factory.

5) Ferrocon Hard F  (brochure 165 bytes)

Characteristics      : superfast setting time; 
                               floor ready for use 5 hours after application;
> 6 times better abrasion resistant than concrete;
uperior impact resistant;

Material                 : special alloys aggregates;

Colors                    : 7 colors including natural grey;

Application             : suitable for old concrete repair;
 indoor application only;

Structures             : urgent repair of concrete floor, car parks.

6) Ferrocon Hard HV (brochure 157 bytes)

Characteristics      : superior impact resistant; 
 heavy load resistant;

Material                 : special mineral aggregates

Colors                   : natural grey only;

Application            : suitable for both wet concrete and old concrete;
                               indoor application only;

Structures             : heavy equipment workshop, floor using heavy jack up,    
LNG gas tank station, floor for steel wheel vehicle. 

7) Ferrocon Hard M (brochure 147 bytes)

Characteristics      : superior resistant to radiation heat, hot oil and water; 
ast setting– floor ready for use 1 day after application;

Material                 : special mineral aggregates

Colors                   : 4 colors including natural grey;

Application            : suitable for old concrete repair;

                               Indoor application only;

Structures             : furnace room, boiler floor, welding area, kitchen, workshop.

8) Ferrocon Hard S  (brochure 325 bytes)

This concrete floor hardener consists of metal alloy aggregates and suitable for floor under severe conditions.

It is superior in abrasion resistant, impact resistant, cold temperature resistant, good durability, anti-slip, oil and water resistant, anti-spark due to static electricity and the material is also incombustible.

As compared to normal concrete surface, it is 6 times more resistant to abrasion and 4 times more resistant to impact. As it is highly resistant to abrasion, it also prevent formation of dust.

Its strength doesn’t deteriorate even under severe cold temperature of -50 degrees C.

This floor hardener has 7 colors to be selected.

This concrete floor hardener can be applied on fresh concrete floor and also be used to repair old concrete floor.

It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor concrete floors especially in heavy machinery workshop, car park, slope area, gasoline station, propane gas refill station, industrial kitchen, food processing factory, refrigeration area, and other floor which need durability.


Ferrocon Hard SW (brochure 331 bytes)

Characteristics      : environmental friendly hardener;
                               none of 13 harmful chemicals have been detected;  
 > 6 times better abrasion resistant than concrete; 
                               using water soluble primer;
anti static electricity;

Material                 : special alloys aggregates;

Colors                   : 7 colors including natural grey;

Application            : suitable for both wet concrete & old concrete;
  indoor application only.

Structures             : car park, kitchen, food processing factory, warehouse,
erminal building, car workshop.

ABC Shokai's floor hardeners from Japan can meet your various needs of concrete floor, both for new concrete floor and old concrete floor to be repaired.

We also have special team to carry out the application of floor hardener according to the special requirements.

Kindly contact us for supply of liquid floor hardener, cairan floor hardener, Ceramicure, Ferrocon, other floor hardener from ABC Japan, in Jakarta, Surabaya, and all parts of Indonesia.

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